Lei – A wreath for your soul

Lei – A wreath for your soul

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Bumble Bee

Image source

Buzzing wings over,

bright blossoms of red clover

flies the pollinator,

In meadows seeking nectar 

Buff tailed bumblebee!

The Buff-tailed bumblebee has been crowned as Britain’s favourite insect. – BBC News


This poem forms a part of my book ‘Lei : A wreath for your soul‘. The book is now available on Amazon in the electronic format. A sample preview is available and Kindle unlimited subscribers can download for free on http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016S9XHE2



In case if you are wondering what it means, the word ‘Lei’ means a garland or a wreath in Hawaiian language.:-)

A special thanks to Lata Subramanian, for urging me to publish the book.


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  • Yesterday itself I captured this flower. But u gave info abt bee

  • Love this, Being unable to undo the immersion in one’s culture, “the pollinator” caused the reflex of imagining the bumble bee saying to the flower, “I’ll be back.” 🙂

  • Nicely written. All the best for the book 😀

  • Lovely read 🙂 Good luck for you book!!

  • Nice poem , beautiful picture. Congratulations on your new book.

  • Congratulations for the book!!

  • Bees are fascinating creature 🙂

    Congrats for the book !

  • awesome and many good luck for the book! 🙂

  • awesome and good luck for the book! 🙂

  • Loved your apt selection of words. 🙂 Hearty congrats for the book!

  • When I read the title, it somehow reminded me the captive poem of the last Queen of Hawaii, Liuliuokalani! ‘Aloha Ae’. After reading it, it reminded a different kind of lei… Not the lei of flowers, which tourists prefer, but the Maile chain, which the original aborigines preferred.

    Loved the Tanka! It was a Tanka, wasn’t it? I’ll write a story on Hawaii. Nothing modern. Something, which shows the free and undying spirit of Hiro, the fire goddess!

    Thanks a lot for the inspiration, Somali! And, I’ll search for your book. 🙂

    • Thank you Rakesh. The lei culture it seems has originated from the aborigines itself and has taken the form of greetings in the present day. Yes this is a tanka. In the book there is a tanka on ‘lei’ as well.
      Look forward to your story on Hawaii. I quite like the idea of stories based on different cultures. 🙂

  • Beautiful and delicate! Many congratulations for the book Somali – Yay!

  • Eagerly awaiting your book of poems.

  • Somali, just bought your book:)

  • Wow ! great words ! Congratulation Somali ji for publishing your book . This is your first book ?

  • It is a great news to hear about your new book Somali 🙂

  • Great news Somali! Well done! Best wishes now and always 🙂
    And as usual the poem is lovely…

  • Nice Poem Somali! Congratulations and Best Wishes for your New Book!

  • Congratulations! 🙂 Best wishes for your book.

  • Marvellous… Good wishes for the book.

  • Nice and Best of luck for the book 🙂

  • बहुत बढिया प्रस्तुति, सोमाली जी।

  • The poem and the pic look like twins,perfect together.
    All the best for your book Somali.

  • Congratulations! Best Wishes for your New Book and wish you have many more to come.

  • Many many congratulations ma for publishing the book… 🙂

  • Lovely poem and picture:)
    Hearty congrats on ‘Lei…’ Somali:) Way to go!

  • Lei is a lovely name for a book of poems.
    Congratulations Somali!!
    Here’s wishing you many many more published works.

    Something tells me, I’m going to be thinking of you every time I see leis 🙂

  • Awesome. The rhyming was great 🙂

  • At the outset once again hearty congratulations.

    Butterflies the symbol of transformation, the cover page of the book says it all what is going to come as we explore the different pages of the book. This is such a beautiful bouquet of flowers in form of book, each page has a message and each picture tells a tale. The combination of words and images makes it a lovely composition. Yes, our soul needs that connection with beauty of picture and choice of profound words…and this book has all ingredients to make our soul stir and it did so quite strongly to me…a must read for all and I have started learning the art of writing haiku and tanka…

    Wishing you grand success and many more such books to keep inspiring us….

  • Your poems have a pacifying yet inspiring effect on the reader’s mind just like the fragrance of a flower. Therefore the book is perfectly named as “wreath for your soul”. Btw, I read the book using cloud reader and wanted to write a review. But free download does not allow me to write a review as I have never bought anything from Amazon before. 🙁

  • Sweet poem. Glad to learn the meaning of Lei…i didn’t care to know about it when i was on vacation (lazy me!).
    I guess the idea from Lata was quite good!

  • Beautiful lines, Somali. Wishes! 🙂
    ​​​​A Rat’s​ ​Nibble

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