October 2015

Electronics and Consumer Goods

Spread cheer – Donate a selfie

Selfie – a word that was sparsely used even till 2010, has gained widespread usage over the last 3-4 years. The fact that ‘Selfie’ was nominated as ‘word of the year 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionary proves how the selfie has infiltrated into our daily lives. The concept of selfie is not exactly a new one. Self- portraits or clicking one’s own picture with a camera have been around since quite some time. The early incarnations of selfie, were taken by people experimenting with their new cameras to see how their images would turn out. When the use of cameras became widespread, selfies were generally taken by those who would be travelling alone. The advent of smartphones, however, has made it much easier and quicker to take selfies. Unlike the first generation selfies, selfies today can be instantly shared with friends and family or even publicly.

Beauty and Personal Care

Hair to There – From Frizz to Fantastic!

  Úde jab jab zulfein teri’, Ýeh Reshmi Zulfon ka..’ Yeh reshmi zulfe yeh sharbati ankhe’ The common attribute for the three songs mentioned above is the word ‘Zulf’ (meaning hair). Yes, hair has featured prominently in a number of romantic Hindi songs and poetry. Not so in case of English songs or poetry…maybe the reference to hair as a romantic expression is more specific to Indian culture. Hair also finds reference to Indian mythology. River Ganges was released from Lord Shiva’s hair to meet the needs of the country according to Hindu mythology. But why all this fuss about hair? The simple reason is that by the end of the week hair turns frizzy and we had gathered to find a solution for dealing with the frizz of hair.

Social Initiatives

Sounds of Silence

 By Somali K Chakrabarti The cat jumped out of the well Read this sentence aloud and then read it again in your mind. What happens? A little voice plays in your mind.  Now try reading this without that little voice in your head. Just give it a go. Could you do it? Of course not! Because that’s how you were taught words; by pronouncing them; by memorizing the sounds first and then spelling them using those sounds. Now, how do you think a deaf person would read this?

Mixed Bag
Electronics and Consumer Goods

Dim Light – No confusion with Nexus 5X

It was 7 pm. I hurried into the restaurant, somewhat excited at the prospect of meeting Oli. Finding a seat for two, I seated myself comfortably. Soft music played in the dimly lit restaurant. Oli, my ex colleague, was in town for a week and we had decided to catch up for dinner. I was to see her after a gap of 16 years to be precise. In all these years she had metamorphosed into a self-proclaimed diva and had acquired a quasi-celebrity status on the social media, posting pictures taken on her birthdays, anniversaries, and every other occasion that one can think of. Innumerable pictures of hers including close-ups of her face, exotic shades on her eyes, trendy hairstyles and bags, her cat, her hubby, friends, as well as the leftovers in her food plate flooded the social media. Her immense success on social media could be measured in terms of the FB likes and comments that followed the posts.

Brand Story

Crossword – a space to get into the reading habit

A few years back, when my daughter was growing up, one of my favourite weekend pastime was to go with her to Crossword bookstore. Dropping in at Crossword lifestyle bookstore on the way to the super market was integrated into our weekend schedule.  We both would go to the respective sections of our choice, browse through some books, read a few chapters and pick up a few that we wanted to purchase, have some snacks and then leave. The well-lit stores with books neatly stacked on smooth wooden racks, soft light instrumental music playing in low volume in the background provided the perfect ambience for getting lost in a book. The demarcation of different categories made it easier to spot the books in a particular category.  Most of all, I loved the Crossword Recommend Section.

Travel and Culture

A Jazz Concert in Mumbai and Blogging detox

 By Somali K Chakrabarti   ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,’ says the Murphy ’s Law. Many of you would have heard of Murphy’s Law, which states that we cannot stop an in-opportunity from happening, if it is supposed to happen. True! Lately, Murphy decided to strike on my blog. Last weekend, all of a sudden, I found myself locked out of WordPress, for no apparent fault. How frustrating! Murphy didn’t stop at that and cast its evil spell on my keyboard, and mouse as well. So, there I went on a short blogging hiatus. Thankfully, the problem has now been sorted out with the help of WordPress support. But, I won’t complain further, for the short break actually worked as a bogging detox and gave me much to write about. Here, I am back with an account of a cool jazzy evening spent watching the performance of the Russian jazz maestro Igor Butman and his quartet.

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