September 2015


Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar – A great Indian reformer

By Bhudeb Chakrabarti   India, in the 19th century, witnessed the peak of Britain’s colonial era, with the administration of the country shifting from the East India Company to the British Empire in the mid-19th century. This was also the period in which the many reform movements were initiated in an attempt to clear the web of archaic traditions and practices trapping the society. Born in this age was Ishwarchandra Bandyopadhyay, a crusader of change in the Indian society. A polymath, scholar, social reformer, writer, philosopher and philanthropist, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar was a key figure of the Bengal Renaissance that had begun with Raja Ram Mohan Roy.


Tata Sky Transfer – Creating New Experiences

History has always foxed me. My love – hate relationship with the subject has ranged from levels of extreme boredom while trying to remember the lengthy answers from the school text books, to intense engagement while reading Amar Chitra Katha, while watching historical movies like Sikander, Mughal-E-Azam, The Last Emperor, Gandhi, Braveheart, Gladiator, or while seeing historical monuments and trying to unravel the stories behind them.  The enigma of forts and palaces never fails to fascinate me. I like to uncover the mystery behind the stones, which having witnessed many a battles, echo the war cries, tell tales of valour, mourn the loss of lives, reek of treachery, and speak about the opulence and the lifestyle of the rulers of the bygone era.

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How Brands promote content with Blogs

It is human nature to trust recommendations from those who they find credible. When I plan a journey, I often reach out to my friends who have previously been to the place, for recommendations on places to stay, food and transport etc. The same holds good before I make a new purchase. Probably that is the reason why it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when a research from Nielson indicates  92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people — even someone they don’t know — over content created by a brand.  Perhaps in the same way, when people share their experiences, opinions and ideas online through blogs, those become effective source of recommendation. No wonder, blogs are fast emerging as a potent platform for promoting brands!

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A Chinese Temple in Mumbai

By Somali K Chakrabarti One of the benefits of being a part of the blogosphere is that you readily come across a wealth of information shared by people from their own experiences. During my entire stay in Mumbai, though I have been to a number of Chinese restaurants, I had never heard about any Chinese temple in Mumbai, till I came across a blog post about the only Chinese temple in Mumbai. So off we went to explore the temple on the weekend.


5 Best Websites for buying Office Supplies online in India

  ‘Stationery is the lifeline of any office’ Does this sound like an exaggeration? Think of it. Much like fuel is needed to keep a car running, stationery is needed to keep an office running. When you own or manage an office, buying office supplies invariably happens to be one of the most tedious jobs that needs to be done regularly without fail. You certainly would not want to run out of cartridge when you are just about to print an important letter that needs to be urgently dispatched. Likewise, you would not want to feel exasperated when the marker stops working while you are making a presentation to your client, and you don’t find another one handy. Huh!

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Meerabai – The 16th century saint poetess of India

By Bhudeb Chakrabarti I have always enjoyed listening to this beautiful, mystical bhajan, dedicated to Lord Krishna, which invariably soothes the soul and removes the effects of discord or disharmony. The bhajan was composed by Meerabai, one of the greatest Women saints, philosopher and poetess in India. A proponent of the Bhakti movement, Meerabai defied social convention in order to embrace her love for the divine Krishna. She chose a spiritual path for herself, and pursued it with courage and resolve, in spite of stiff opposition and insurmountable obstruction posed by the orthodox society. On the occasion of Janamasthami (the birth of Lord Krishna), here’s a look into the life of Meerabai, whose name is synonymous with devotion and love.


Top 5 Best Small IT-BPM Companies to Work for in India

The Digital era is expanding rapidly, bringing along with it a huge set of opportunities and its own challenges. Organizations, today, can no longer afford to stick to the Brick and Mortar model of doing business. At the same time, they stand to benefit with the use of digital platforms that provide them newer insights and new ways to reach out to their customers. My appreciation for the opportunities, as well as for the underlying challenges comes from my experience of having spent a considerable portion of my work life in IT sector. My career in the IT sector had started with my joining one of the big IT service provider companies in India, before I moved to a financial services company to join the corporate IT group.

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