Come Closer to Radiant Skin in a Natural Way

Some women are fastidious about their appearance and some are casual, but there is hardly any woman in the world who doesn’t want to look good. But why single out women? Any person, a man or a woman, feels good and comes across as more confident when he/she has a well-groomed look. 

Complexion is the most noticeable attribute of a person’s appearance. A dull face makes one look and feel haggard, while a person with a radiant, flawless complexion and a blemish free face devoid of pimples, patches or blackheads, is sure to get noticed in a crowd. 

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Though good complexion can mostly be attributed to a person’s genetic makeup, but practicing a few simple skin care routine helps to attain and maintain a clear complexion.

The best complexion cures come from the use of natural products, but then if you have a busy life you would hardly get the time to make your natural packs and practice an elaborate skin care regimen.  

Here are a few simple skin care tips that will help you to come closer to radiant skin in a natural and hassle free way.



Easy skin care tips 


Drink a lot of water

Clean clear water is the best beauty potion. Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water every day will help to keep your skin hydrated and remove the accumulated toxins and acid waste from your body.


Eat healthy for a healthy skin

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”.

A healthy balanced diet provides the essential nutrients that help to rejuvenate your skin from within.

To nourish your skin, you diet should include fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin E and C, dairy products, soy, nuts (hazelnut, walnut, almonds) containing essential fatty acids. Zinc and protein rich food such as fish, red kidney beans, poultry etc repair skin damage.


Wash and scrub your face


The T-Zone of the face that includes the forehead and the nose is a problem area for many people like me. The T-Zone seems to have a particular propensity for attracting oil and dirt, which if not scrubbed properly stick around and gradually shape into blackheads and pimples. Washing face thoroughly with water, and scrubbing the T-Zone with a face scrub helps to remove the grime and dead cells and keeps the face clean.


Moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen while stepping out

Moisturizing your face keeps your skin hydrated, soft and elastic. The use of moisturizer immediately after bath is very effective for those with a dry skin.

A sunscreen protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun, maintains the original color of pigments of your skin and keeps wrinkles at bay. 


Remove your make up before going to bed

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That is also the time when you can apply VICCO Turmeric Cream and wake up with a supple skin next morning. The healing properties of turmeric are known to soothe acne, pimples, and prevent and cure skin infections, inflammation, blemishes, wounds, and other skin disorders. The best thing about using natural products is that they do not irritate sensitive skin.


Sleep well

When you are deprived of sleep, you feel dull and groggy, there is puffiness around the eyes, the stress levels of your hormones go up, and that can damage your skin health. Good amount of rest and sleep is needed to replenish skin cells and clear up the skin. 


Following these simple tips on a regular basis will help you to maintain a bright skin and look good naturally. 


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