Brand Story of IKEA – Designing stylish furniture

Waste of resources is a mortal sin. ~ Ingvar Kamprad The brand I am writing about is known for its innovative and stylishly designed flat pack furniture. Yes it is IKEA, the largest furniture retail chain with more than 300 stores globally.

By Somali K Chakrabarti Nature has always been a source of wonder and woe, prospect and peril, delight and danger.  ~ Voice of Nature Do you remember the fables in which the  trees, animals and birds talk among themselves, and also mingle with humans as if they were living in a seamless world? I am talking
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‘Wear them ever, wash them never,’ is the adage that goes with Jeans. Now, if you are a mom, I can imagine you have already wrinkled your nose, but hold on! The post is not to tell you why not to wash your Jeans, but to tell you the story of how Jeans, quintessentially a young thing,
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By Somali K Chakrabarti Taking the time out for a vacation during summers is a routine with most families, and ours is no exception. At the end of May, to seek respite from the scorching summer heat of Mumbai, we had decided to go to the hill district of Coorg via Mangalore. I have, since been contemplating to
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Crystals give a woman the feeling of wearing diamonds without paying the price of diamond. ~Daniel Swarovski Yes, you guessed it right. The brand that I am writing about here is Swarovski – the name that is linked to the brilliance of cut crystals and fashion jewellery.

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