June 2015

Brand Story

Voice of Nature- Dream of harmony between humans and nature

By Somali K Chakrabarti Nature has always been a source of wonder and woe, prospect and peril, delight and danger.  ~ Voice of Nature Do you remember the fables in which the  trees, animals and birds talk among themselves, and also mingle with humans as if they were living in a seamless world? I am talking about the kind of world that is depicted in children’s magazines such as Champak, (widely popular in North India)  or the world that you see in the Disney movies or in Chronicles of Narnia. What if you suddenly discover that you had the gift of understanding what the birds and animals are talking about? Won’t you be interested to peep into their world?

Brand Story

Brand Story of Levi’s – The Authentic Denim

‘Wear them ever, wash them never,’ is the adage that goes with Jeans. Now, if you are a mom, I can imagine you have already wrinkled your nose, but hold on! The post is not to tell you why not to wash your Jeans, but to tell you the story of how Jeans, quintessentially a young thing, came into existence with Levi’s, even before the first automobile was developed or Coca Cola was made.  

Travel and Culture

Coorg – The scenic hill district of Karnataka.

By Somali K Chakrabarti Taking the time out for a vacation during summers is a routine with most families, and ours is no exception. At the end of May, to seek respite from the scorching summer heat of Mumbai, we had decided to go to the hill district of Coorg via Mangalore. I have, since been contemplating to jot down some highlights of the trip to preserve the memories. Within a span of a month, when I found myself going to Mangalore once again last week, I thought that I absolutely must write this post before it gets too late. Mangalore is an hour’s flight from Mumbai. The Mangalore airport is on top of a hill with two table top runways. Acres of greenery covering the hills all around is pleasing to the eyes. A winding road takes us down the airport. Mangalore to Coorg is a three hour drive. We had decided to spend the day at Mangalore and start for Coorg early next morning.

Brand Story
Travel and Culture

A Little Extra that we Indians love

By Somali K Chakrabarti The Extra Tomato ‘Sitabai’, a vegetable seller was a regular at our house in Mumbai.  Every morning at around 11 AM, she would come, carrying over her head, her basket of fresh vegetables. She went from door to door selling vegetables in all buildings in our housing society. Sitabai never budged on prices, so there was not much point in haggling over prices with her. She would ring the doorbell each morning. We helped her to put down her basket and she would sit on the floor near the steps. My daughter, then a little girl, less than two years of age, would watch the whole proceedings with a lot of interest, and one day while we were selecting vegatables from Sitabai’s basket, she picked up a bright red tomato. Sitabai happily let her take the tomato and gave her another one. When we offered to pay the price for the two tomatoes, Sitabai refused to take it. Image Credit The extra tomato was a huge treat for the little one. Sitabai had gained an ardent admirer. Every day, my daughter looked forward to her visit, and leaving aside all other activities, she would appear in front of Sitabai, adorning a charming smile on her…

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Beauty and Personal Care

Come Closer to Radiant Skin in a Natural Way

Some women are fastidious about their appearance and some are casual, but there is hardly any woman in the world who doesn’t want to look good. But why single out women? Any person, a man or a woman, feels good and comes across as more confident when he/she has a well-groomed look.  Complexion is the most noticeable attribute of a person’s appearance. A dull face makes one look and feel haggard, while a person with a radiant, flawless complexion and a blemish free face devoid of pimples, patches or blackheads, is sure to get noticed in a crowd. 

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