Brand Story of Kissan – A Champion of Happy Growth

Much like salt, pepper and pickles, jams and ketchups find a permanent place in most of our kitchen shelves or on the dining table. Talking about jams, the label on the jar mostly reads Kissan. So here goes the brand story of Kissan.


Kissan Logo


Kissan – The Natural fruits and vegetable brand

First introduced mainly for British settlers in India in 1935, Kissan became a name synonymous with jams and squashes. The Mitchell brothers of UK set up India’s first fruit and vegetable processing unit in Bangalore in 1947 for Kissan. In the year 1950, The United Breweries (UB) group, acquired Kissan from Mitchell bros. and in 1993, Kissan became a part of the Hindustan Unilever Limited family, who took it over from the UB group. 

Kissan Jams soon became very popular and Kissan Ketchup became a market leader in ketchup segment. 


Era of mixed identity

.The early 2000s saw a change in the identity of the brand. Kissan was rebranded as Kissan Annapurna, and the brand was stretched to include rice, wheat, salt and other staple foods.

Brands are like rubber bands and can only be stretched so far in the short run.  ~ Dr Nirmalya Kumar

Stretching beyond a point diluted the focus of the brand; the ketchups lost out to Maggi tomato ketchup and the popularity of squash went down after Rasna and other colas dominated the market. Later Annapurna and Kissan were separated into two different brands, one concentrating on staple foods and other on processed foods.

The Jammy commercial with Rahul Dravid became very popular with the kids. The squeezo ketchup package was a hit too.

Kissan Sauce and Jam


A Champion of Happy growth

.To revive the brand and to drive the point that only real fruits were used for Kissan jams and fresh tomatoes were used for Kissan ketchup, HUL distributed packets of tomato seeds with newspapers, to encourage kids to grow their own tomato plants and asked them to share their experience and stories on the Kissanpur website.


Engaging in growing tomato plants also helped to divert the attention of kids from virtual gadgets and apps and bring them closer to nature.

A real Kissanpur was created right in the centre in Inorbit Mall right in the middle of Mumbai where kids were invited to bring their tomato plants. The kids shared their stories of growing their tomato plants and were rewarded with customized bottles of ketchup made from their homegrown tomatoes.

The brand communicates the importance of kids eating happily & growing up happily and reassures the mommies that they won’t have to worry about their child’s growth when they eat Kissan products filled with natural goodness.

..And with that, the Kissan jams make their way into the kids tiffin boxes 


Have you tried out some of the natural goodness of Kissan?

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7 thoughts on “Brand Story of Kissan – A Champion of Happy Growth

  • May 18, 2015 at 6:05 am

    Kissan Jam and Tomato Ketchup have become almost a part of our life.
    The kids are so happy with Kissan .Thanks for telling us so much about
    the brand ..

  • May 18, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Kissan jam is indeed an all time favourite of kids. their ‘Kissanpur’ campaign was also a great success as kids liked it a lot. Great to know about the brand… 🙂

  • May 19, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Excellent post. Full of information. Thanks for sharing. Kissan ketchup is liked by all age groups

  • May 19, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    even in 1947 they adopted think global and act local strategy (Kissan).


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