Re-emergence of Tata Nano with a Twist



Tata Nano, once heralded as the world’s cheapest car has undergone a massive makeover.

India’s answer to Ford’s Model T that was meant for migrating millions of Indians from two wheelers to four wheelers, Tata Nano was considered the model for disruptive innovation.

The concept of a lakhtakia gaadi had caught the fancy of people in India, as the world took notice of the $2,500 car. 


Initial positioning – Common Man’s car


Nano when it was first launched in 2009, was introduced as a common man’s car – a low cost vehicle, with an initial ex-factory price tag of close to Rs 1 lakh for the basic model.

With no-frills such as stereo, air-conditioning, power windows, or a glove compartment, and no provision to add safety features such as airbags, Nano was not very well received. Reports of electrical fires did not help either.

The success story predicted did not come true for Nano at that time as the positioning did not help the brand.

Nobody wants to tell his friends and neighbours he has bought a cheap car.” says Jack Trout, global guru in marketing strategy.


Yet, it was a prelude to the changing car trends.


New Nano Made for Generation X


Tata Nano has now re-emerged with a different value proposition.

No longer publicized as a low cost vehicle, it is now being positioned as an attractive city-vehicle.

With the grumpy face of the car giving way to a smiley face and a smiley bumper, Gen X Tata Nano appears to be a much more cheerful looking car now, made to appeal to the urban youth.


Nano Old New


With adequate engineering changes to create a distinct difference in the look and feel, the Gen X Nano has been redesigned to ensure a smooth ride, better stability and a refined feel.

The Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) feature makes driving easier by doing away with the clutch. A power steering reduces the driving effort.

The power train has been upgraded to improve peak power and torque, and the exhaust system has been improved for a more refined feel.

An anti-roll bar in front reduces the body roll. The hatch can now be lifted and there is a 110 L storage space. The top end model has added features like driver side air bag and enhanced crumple zone.

The existing range of Nano is expected to be gradually phased out, except for the CNG version.


Creating buzz on Social Media


Marketing has created the right buzz on traditional and social media.

Today, Tata Nano organized a campaign with a trip of 24 bloggers, who took the GenX Nano Easy Shift around Pune, and tweeted their experiences, while taking up challenges given to them.

The vibrant Red Hot colour of the car, dual tone interiors and dashboard made of improved plastics, modern music system with Bluetooth connectivity set the riders for a discotheque experience as they maneuvered effortlessly through the Infinity Shaped track.

Tata Nano Blogger Campaign

By driving the GenX Nano around the cool mini obstacle track, drivers proved their maneuvering skills as well as those of the car.

Tata Nano Infinity Track


As Nanos with a twist take to the roads, the company is sparing no attempt to pep up and revive the brand image.



Image source : Twitter #FollowTheGenX

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