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Xerox, the name synonymous with photocopier, is my choice for the letter X, for today’s #AtoZChallenge, for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’.

Founded in 1906 in Rochester, US as The Haloid Photographic Company, which originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment, the company was renamed as Haloid Xerox in 1958 and then Xerox Corporation in 1961 after its first plain paper photocopier Xerox 914, which sold in the millions.



Replacing the carbon paper 


The photocopier Xerox 914, which took twenty years to develop, was initially rejected by the manufacturers, who thought carbon paper was good enough for making copies. Soon after, it was introduced in government offices and businesses, thereby radically changing the way people were used to working.


“Once the Xerox copier was invented, diplomacy died” – U. N. ambassador Andrew Young.



Xerox 914 | Image Source : wilipedia

Besides the photocopier, Xerox also invented the mouse, graphical user interface (GUI) and desktop computing, products that were commercialized by Apple, and by Microsoft.


Work Made Simple by Xerox


The name Xerox is so popular that almost every photocopier is referred to as Xerox, even if it happens to be a Cannon. But that is NOT just what Xerox does!

Though we all know that Xerox is a copier-printer business, few of us would know that Xerox is also a leader in providing business services. In fact you might be surprised to know that more than half of Xerox’s revenue comes from business services.

Made Simple by Xerox campaign draws attention to the fact that they’re helping businesses around the world simplify the way work gets done.


Changing Perception with Content


Xerox Business Services

Xerox’s transformation from a printer and copier manufacturer to a leader in business services is apparent from its content marketing and communication services.

Xerox differs in its approach to content creation from other content marketing companies. The content published by Xerox is not about its products and services, nor a direct sales pitch, but is more of a utility for readers that offer value and insights.

Xerox’s digital magazine Real business offers insights, practical solutions and new ideas” in areas such as customer care, healthcare, human resource services, and transportation.

In some of the content programs, Xerox focuses on a very specialized audience — healthcare administrators and operators, and limits the breadth of its content, to cater to its smaller, niche segment of readers and effectively engage and influence them.


From producing printed electronic chips for packaged goods in Smart Grocery stores, to developing clinical surveillance platform, for tracking and taking preventive action for potential infections or other complications in hospitals, to automated technology for traffic management, Xerox has broadened its business to deliver best-in-class expertise and services.

In parallel, Xerox, which continues to be a top global brand, is working at changing people’s perception about its brand from its documents business to business services.


“Sustainable development is a proven catalyst for Xerox innovation.” – Anne M. Mulcahy



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    By: Somali K Chakrabarti

    Hi there ! I am a management and leadership coach and a ‘çlinical blogger’. Well, that’s what my family & friends call me now ! Here, I tell stories of different brands, how people relate to the brands and the values, beliefs and emotions that they associate with the brands. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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About the author

Somali K Chakrabarti

Hi there ! I am a management and leadership coach and a 'çlinical blogger'. Well, that's what my family & friends call me now ! Here, I tell stories of different brands, how people relate to the brands and the values, beliefs and emotions that they associate with the brands. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Readers Comments (13)

  1. Wow. I didn’t know that they were around that long

  2. Great article… thank you! People still call it xerox’ing even when they are using a copying machine by a different manufacturer!

    –Mee (The Chinese Quest)

  3. bhudeb chakrabarti April 29, 2015 @ 3:11 am

    I have come to know so much about Xerox which I did not know earlier.Xerox definitely is one of the top global brands for its broad based services ..An excellent post by you .

    • Somali K Chakrabarti April 29, 2015 @ 4:17 am

      Thank you. Its image is so strongly linked with photocopy that the company is now working consciously to spread the message that it does much more than photocopy.

  4. How can I forget those college days …internet was not this much in abundance. Xerox was the only option. 🙂

    • Somali K Chakrabarti April 29, 2015 @ 4:15 am

      Yes Lifeline in college and going to the xerox machine used to be like taking a short break at office. :-0

  5. Today the word Xerox has become a verb! I remember standing in a queue to get a copy of my Class X marksheet in the 80s!!! Interesting to read about the company’s other business segments… I did not know about those.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Somali K Chakrabarti April 29, 2015 @ 6:51 am

      Yes Archana, very much a verb. That is the perception that company is now trying to outgrow as it has expanded in other business areas as well. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you more. 🙂

  6. Pranab chakraborti April 30, 2015 @ 11:51 am

    Never knew xerox is also engaged in so many other activities. Thanks for providing such useful information. Enjoyed reading it.

  7. Xerox is a powerful brand being identified with the product itself. However strategies need to be in place when the market gets crowded with newer entrants and with product getting obsolete we need fresher ideas to stay relevant and profitable. You should never wait long for a Kodak moment

    • Somali K Chakrabarti May 1, 2015 @ 5:03 pm

      Very true. Businesses need to spruce up their products & services to avoid a Kodak fate.


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