Toyota – Going Places

Toyota is my choice for the letter T, for today’s #AtoZChallenge, for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’.

Toyota Motor Corp, the world’s largest carmaker, is named after its founder Kiichiro Toyoda. The company started operations in 1935, when Toyoda unveiled his first prototype A1 after years of research.




Toyota’s Global Spread 


Launching additional passenger car models in the ’40s, the automaker quickly scaled up the production to more than 100,000 vehicles by the end of the decade.

The 50s witnessed the addition of new small cars and the launch of the utilitarian BJ truck; which was the precursor to the Land Cruiser. By the end of the decade, Toyota had commenced exports to the U.S.

The first Toyota to be sold on American shores was the Crown.

The refined, well-designed Toyota vehicles are seen as fuel efficient, with a superb record for reliability and durability.

Five tenets based on the conviction of Sakichi Toyoda form the basic management philosophy for global Toyota.





Toyota – Going places


The brand slogan for Toyota is “Let’s Go Places”.


People buy cars based upon their perception of its quality. Toyota remains at the top of the list, when it comes to quality, according to the 2014 Car-Brand Perception Survey.

The immensely popular Toyota Corolla that was introduced in the 60s, still makes a style statement in 2015.

Toyota Camry sedan, the high point of the eighties, went on to become America’s best-selling car of the year, time and again. With its distinct silhouette that conveys power and elegance, the Avalon full-size sedan is a car that draws you in the moment you see it.

The compact RAV4 is a stylish smart and adventurous SUV, with a roomy, comfortable interior and all-weather capability. Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid, continues to boast class-leading sales.

The Toyota FT-1 is a track-focused sports car model that captures elements of the emotion and energy we can expect to see in future Toyota vehicles designs.



Recall crisis


In June 2014, Toyota recalled nearly 6.4 million vehicles worldwide after the company found five types of safety hazards in vehicles including some of its top sellers such as the Camry sedan, RAV4 and Corolla cars.

Learning from the crisis, Toyota has rededicated itself to strengthening its commitment to safety and quality and has managed to keep the reputation of its brand intact.


By prioritizing collaboration, investing in mobility, and putting sustainability, safety and innovation at the top of its agenda, Toyota is ready to help you get there safely.


Ending this post with a quote by Toyoda

Be ahead of the times through endless creativity, inquisitiveness and pursuit of improvement.


Surely Toyota has kept itself ahead in all the three parameters.



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