Rolls Royce – The ultimate in Bespoke luxury

My selection of brand for today’s #AtoZChallenge, is Rolls Royce. Not a brand that is within the reach of most people, nonetheless an iconic name that never fails to inspire awe as one of the most famous and prestigious brands.

The epitome of luxury in cars, Rolls Royce was formed in 1904, when Henry Royce and Charles Rolls came together and struck a deal for producing a range of cars that were to be manufactured by Royce Limited and exclusively sold by CS Rolls & Co.


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The Legendary car brand


Breaking the mould for engineering and craftsmanship, right from their inception, the Rolls Royce cars created ‘the best car in the world‘ legend. 

The Silver Ghost, launched in 1907, was supposed to be a car with unparalleled smoothness. 

Silver Ghost

Rolls-Royce emerged as a world contender in aero propulsion in the 1940s, during the World War II,.

Taking up the challenge to build the best cars in the world in the 21st century, Rolls Royce came up with the bespoke Phantom family of cars and the Ghost models that stood out for their unique craftsmanship. Quick as bullet, powerful as a tank, and silent as a Ghost is how people described the Ghost series. These modern masterpieces seem to create a new level of sensory indulgence.

Shifting to sportier models such as Wraith, Rolls Royce intends to woo the young tycoons, who make fortunes selling their apps and do not mind going behind the wheels.

Considered the ultimate in bespoke luxury, Rolls Royce is bought by the royals and tycoons around the globe. Naturally the brand creates exclusivity for its clients with its bespoke models that are tailored to suit the needs of its owners.



Power, Style and Drama


 Rolls Royce

The best cars in the world have always been surrounded by stories about legendary models, their renowned performance and their owners.

The ultra-luxury car is also ensnaring the magnates in China with its power, finesse and craftsmanship.

And then, there is the story of the Indian Maharaja of Alwar, who after being insulted and shown the way out when he had walked into the Rolls Royce showroom in Bond Street, London, wearing his casual dress, purchased 6 Rolls Royce cars and used them for carrying municipal waste.


Ultimate Bespoke Car


Considered as a brand dedicated to the passenger, the layout of the cars is such that the passengers have complete freedom in whatever they are doing, whether it’s reading, sleeping, listening to music. The bespoke elements makes it difficult to accurately estimate the value this car, the price in some cases approaches $1 million.


High in power, style and drama, Rolls Royce continues to catch the fancy of wealthy consumers all over the world.



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    Enjoyed your fabulous fairy tale about Rolls Royce .

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    Good read on the Rolls though I am pretty sure we will never own one this lifetime unless of course a miracle……

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