Nescafe – Connecting Coffee and Well-Being

Nescafé, a blend of the words Nestlé and café, is the world’s most popular coffee brand. The flagship brand of the Swiss food giant Nestlé, was first introduced in Switzerland on April 1, 1938.

In the 1930s, the Brazilian Government had planned to preserve the surplus of Brazilian coffee harvest. Nestlé used the unsold coffee to develop instant coffee, and in 1938, launched the soluble coffee product, named Nescafé, in Switzerland.


Connecting coffee with well being


From the first wonderful sip of coffee in the morning to those ten stolen minutes of me-time with a latte in the afternoon, we believe there is something special in our little everyday moments.


Connecting coffee with well-being, Nestlé emphasize that the benefits of a cup of coffee go much beyond its taste – from stimulation to relaxation to refreshment, and beyond.



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Spreading the taste of instant coffee


Two months after it was launched in Switzerland, Nescafé was rolled out in the United Kingdom and in the United States, in 1939. It became a staple drink of the US military during the World War II. The shelf life of instant coffee being longer than fresh coffee helped its popularity to grow and sales volumes doubled.

By April 1940, Nescafé was available in 30 countries worldwide.

Over the years, Nestle has consolidated the position of Nescafé brand. Besides carefully selecting coffee beans to deliver a unique experience with every cup, Nestle has established a strong sense of connection of the consumers with the brand.

Stepping up from being a traditional “instant coffee manufacturer” to a “coffee system solution provider”, Nescafé has introduced a new way of enjoying coffee with the Nescafé Barista, a “at-home coffee by the cup” system which is available exclusively in Japan Whether you want espresso, café latte or cappuccino, you can enjoy five delicious types of coffee with this innovative coffee machine.


Coffee consumption in moderation


Though caffeine has gained a negative image amongst many health-conscious consumers, Nescafé has accentuated its mild stimulating properties on the body and mind.

Moderate coffee consumption, they say, is not associated with detrimental effect on health and may thus fit within a balanced and active lifestyle. With over 1400 million cups of coffee being drunk around the world each day, it is one of the most consumed drinks after water.

Nescafé now present in over 180 countries continues to lead the coffee beverage category.


Does your day start with a Nescafé?


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