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While Disney is the perhaps the best known brand, starting with D, but my pick for today’s  #AtoZChallenge for the theme ‘Brands that people identify with’, is Danone, as its healthy food products find their way into our homes.

In 1919, Isaac Carasso, started a small yogurt business in  Barcelona, Spain and named it “Danone,” meaning “Little Daniel” after his son. Carasso came from the Balkans, where yogurt was a dietary staple; and so he decided to introduce this healthy product in Barcelona.


Danone logo


Danone – Bringing health through food


With time, Danone developed into a healthy food-products company.  Operating in 140 countries, the global food product company is on a mission to

Bring health through food to as many people as possible.


Danone’s attempts to understand and address the local socio – economic and nutrition requirements , boosts its brand image as a socially responsible company that produces healthy food and nutritional products.

For instance, to deal with the problem of malnutrition in a country like Bangladesh, Danone has introduced innovative health products such as Grameen yogurt, a yogurt enriched with crucial nutrients at very affordable prices.




Danone in India


Healthy, tasty and light, the Danone fresh dairy products have made inroads in India.

Made with only natural ingredients, and well packaged, the Danone products are presently sold only in a few Indian cities.

To compete with local brands such as Amul and Mother Diary, Danone has introduced local variations of yogurt such as low fat dahi, Mishti doi and Lassi while building up the taste for unique products such as flavoured blueberry or strawberry yoghurt– a wholesome product that can make up for a healthy mid –meal snack, particularly for office goers.


Allegations and Alarms


In 2006 and 2007, the Danone Company had to prove wrong allegations pertaining to presence of harmful ingredients in Danone products in Turkey and Romania.

A baby food safety warning from a supplier in China, in 2014, prompted the recall of thousands of cans of Danone baby formula across eight Asian markets. The scare later turned out to be a false alarm.

With a strong and continued emphasis on sustainability and innovation, Danone deals with such incidents, while creating awareness about food, health and nutrition, and its commitment to sustainable community development.


Danone features in the Interbrand list of Top 100 Global Brands.

What qualities do you associate with Danone?



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    A well written theme in your #A To Z Challenge. Learnt a lot about the global brand .

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    Shall keep reading this.. Mundane made interesting… Time for marketeers to review their strategy?

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      Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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    One of my favorite sweet dish is Danone sweet curd. Thanks for such a wonderful information.

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      Yes its yummy 🙂

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      Yes Archana, Dahi is actually better than other packaged dahi, I like the yogurt too 🙂

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