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Apple turned a year short of 40 today. Born in a garage in the US, on 1st April, 1976, Apple grew up to become one of the world best brands under the care of its founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

First official Apple logo used from April 1977 to August, 1999. | Image credit : wikipedia

My theme for the challenge being ‘Brands that people identify with’, what could be a more apt name than Apple to begin my  #AtoZ Challenge with?


Apple – the prized possession


Though now Ipads and Iphone are more commonly used, there was a time when these were very prized possessions. Anybody who possessed a Mac in 2008 or purchased a Ipad in 2010, undeniably felt a sense of pride associated with the ownership of the device.

People took a fancy to the intuitive, easy-to-use design of the Apple devices and the unique experience within the eco-system. The design encouraged people to invest in more than one Apple product to get the full advantage of the system.

Apple Iphone soon became the standard design for smartphones and Ipad for tablets. Continuously leveraging on its expertise in digital technology, Apple used innovation to stay ahead of competition .

Steve Jobs quote



How Apple keeps its users to itself


To keep customers within the fold of the Apple system, Apple does not allow accessibility from other devices.

You cannot access photo streams shared on iCloud from outside from outside Apple’s ecosystem. Apple does not allow the transfer of  movies, television series and music purchased on iTunes or books purchased on ibooks to another platform.

So, customers who invest in the Apple ecosystem, though they relish the seamless Apple experience, find it equally difficult to move away from an Apple iPhone to an Android.



Apple is not without its share of mistakes


The most glaring of all seems to be when Apple fired its founder Steve Jobs in the mid-1980s, only to ask him to join back in 1996, after three subsequent years of financial losses. Some lack-lustre products launched during that period did not augur well for the market and for the company.

The company faced major criticism due to the labour practices of its outsourced parts in China.


Yet, for all its mistakes, Apple has managed to stay ahead of its close competitors.

Apple lovers still vouch for the Apple products, and that’s pretty evident from the fact that with a valuation of $118.9 billion, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand as per The Interbrand Best Global Brands report’, 2014.

Ending this post with another quote from the legendary founder of Apple.

A brand is not so much about rational arguments, but the way that the company resonates with people emotionally.


How do you relate to Apple?



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