Holiday Travel in India has changed and How!

Holiday Travel in India has changed and How!

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. – Miriam Beard

The concept of holiday travel has undergone a drastic change in the last two to three decades. During my growing up days, holiday travel mostly meant paying social visits to relatives living in different cities. During such visits, together the guests and the hosts would go to the popular tourist attractions. This has changed over time with the changes in lifestyle.

How Holiday travel has evolved over time

Changing Holiday Pattterns

Holiday travel has now extended beyond social visits and also beyond seeing only the popular tourist attractions in many ways.

  • People now take multiple short getaways.
  • For many new age travellers, holiday travel is more about garnering new experiences and making individual discoveries.
  • Besides travelling with family, people also travel with friends or even with social media groups on special occasions.
  • Instead of staying at some relatives place, groups generally assemble at some resort in a common destination to explore new and even lesser known places.
  • The idea of holiday travel is to get a hang of the place in its totality and discover interesting facets of the local culture, cuisine, art, wildlife, nature and adventure.


#HolidayDifferently Blogger Meet in Mumbai

Last week, I was invited to a blogger meet hosted by Sterling Holidays with IndiBlogger at the ITC Grand Central Hotel in Parel. Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited is an independently managed subsidiary of Thomas Cook (India) Limited (TCIL). It has twenty-nine resorts located all over India. The theme of the meeting was how people are now looking forward to different “holiday experiences.” I was curious to know how Sterling Holidays is making it possible for people to holiday differently.

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Six Simple Ways of Dealing with Stress

Six Simple Ways of Dealing with Stress

There are times in our lives when stress gets its grip on us, disturbs our peace of mind, throws us out of gear and impairs our lifestyle. But, then, there are ways by which we can keep stress under control.

Let me introduce you to our guest author Mark, who has graduated from college about a year ago. Having been through some stressful periods there, especially during the finals, he wants to raise awareness about stress and how to handle it. In this post, Mark tells us about stress, how it manifests, the different types of stress, and finally how to deal with it.

dealing with stress

What is stress?

Stress is a natural reaction of our body to a demanding situation. When stressed, the body prepares itself for a quick response and switches to a “fight or flight” mode, In the process, it releases stress hormones and chemicals that prepare the body to cope with the perceived threat. This results in a number of reactions and changes in the body functions, such as an increase in heartbeat, palpitation, nausea, or increase in blood pressure. It is a natural process which explains why we feel different when we are in stressful situations. 

Causes of Stress

Situations that cause stress are called stressors. Stressors can be things as simple as a disruption in your routine, to more complicated things like relocation, financial problems, demands in the work environment, illness, troubled relationships, loss of job, the loss of a loved one, or the lack of social interaction.

Not every stress is bad though. Sometimes, mild bouts of stress actually enhance and improve cognitive brain function. Such stress is called ‘good stress’ or ‘Eustress.’ It manifests itself for a short period and provides the motivation to work towards a goal or to overcome a challenge.

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Pattachitra: This spectacular art of Odisha will mesmerize you

Pattachitra:  This spectacular art of Odisha will mesmerize you

“Art speaks the soul of its culture.” – Abby Willowroot

The folk art forms of India demonstrate the diversity and uniqueness of the different cultures in India. Bringing together the traditional crafts from different parts of the country, an exhibition called ‘Spirit of India’ at the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai showcased the works by nine of the finest award–wining artists, whose traditional art-works have been displayed in several galleries in India and across the world.

Decoration at the entrance

At the exhibition, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the master craftsmen and know more about these wonderful art forms. In this post, I will elaborate upon Pattachitra, one of the oldest and most popular art forms of Odisha.

Pattachitra is the traditional art of Odisha

Pattachitra, is the art of painting on primed cloth (or patta in Sanskrit). This tradition of painting originated around the 5th century in the temples of Konark and Puri. Naturally, the themes of these paintings are inspired by religion and depict the temple of Jagganath, deities of Lord Jagannath and Radha-Krishna, the ten incarnations of Vishnu and stories from the legends of Ramayana, Mahabharata and other folklore.

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How Augmented Reality entertainment is drawing visitors to the R City mall

How Augmented Reality entertainment is drawing visitors to the R City mall

You create a universe by perceiving it. ~ Douglas Adams

This Sunday, I was at the RCity Mall to watch ‘Tumhari Sulu‘. Just as we were about to enter the INOX cinema hall, I saw a small crowd in front of a huge screen which was playing the live recording of people standing in front of it. Most of them were looking at the screen and were clicking or recording pictures. I looked up at the screen to see what was going on. On the screen, I could see a person wearing a spacesuit standing among the crowd. When I looked around, there was no such character. I looked at the screen again. This time I saw a pool in front of the crowd. A large polar bear walked over its edge, and it started doing somersaults. This was funny! As the polar bear went out, dolphins popped their heads out of the pool.  The dolphins were followed by a huge dinosaur that stopped to bare its pointed teeth. Gosh! There were some flying Tyrannosauruses too.

Without wasting time, I also took out my phone and started recording the proceedings on the screen. Here, have a look.

Augmented Reality at INOX RCity

The children were going crazy to see all these photo-realistic 3D characters around themselves on the screen. It appeared like we were standing in the middle of the Jurassic Park. Obviously, a number of people stood glued to the screen at any point in time.

Welcome to the world of augmented reality.

INOX has unveiled Asia’s first-ever Augmented Reality (AR) experience in the multiplex at R City in Mumbai.

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How to break away from a Sedentary Lifestyle to fight Diabetes

How to break away from a Sedentary Lifestyle to fight Diabetes

Sedentary lifestyle is a global health problem

A sedentary lifestyle can make us a sitting duck for a host of diseases. 

On an average day, it is a norm to sit down for most of the time when we are awake. We are tied to our desks when we are working.  We sit for the meetings. We also sit while commuting. We take the weight off our feet while relaxing at home. We slouch in front of our computer screen. We sit while watching TV.

But, just as standing for too long can get us tired, sitting for prolonged periods ‘can damage our body.

Studies indicate that when we sit for long periods, our blood circulation is constricted. It can cause the blood to clot in the legs and prevent it from effectively flowing to the heart, which is a precursor to cardiovascular problems.

The World Health Organization has identified a sedentary lifestyle as a global health problem and one of the 10 leading causes of death and disability.

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Kantha Work: Traditional craft in contemporary designs

Kantha Work: Traditional craft in contemporary designs

Come November, and it’s time to greet the winter. To be honest, winter in Mumbai is almost non-existent, but we Mumbaikars rejoice in the slightest dip in the temperature as it gives us the only chance to pull out comforters (if not woollens).

In anticipation of the winter, a few days back, while shopping, I picked up a hand-quilted Kantha comforter to be used as a bedspread or as a blanket (if at all needed). Made of colourful square patches of cloth pieces stitched together it instantly rendered a cheery look to the room.

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